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The Dish on Lifting Weights and HGH


LADIES: Lifting weights can keep you looking and feeling young!

Yup. It’s true.

So, I started thinking about this the other day when I was looking at the newfound “bra fat” below my armpit in the mirror while at the gym. I was just a few workouts back into actually lifting weights in an intense type of way, (like I had done for years, but haven’t consistently for the last two years,) and in between sets while catching my breathe I noticed this extra… pudge.

I was shook. That shit snuck right up on me. It was the first time it hit me that this was new to me. I’d never had that little soft patch of fat there before.

I’m not saying I was mad at it. It is what it is. It’s a reflection of what I’ve been doing (or not doing in this case,) for the past couple of years.

I get it. But what if I want it gone?


My first thought was, “Oh shit! This is me getting old! Omg! It’s all down hill from here.” But when I noticed people watching me dive headfirst down this slippery slope, I pulled it together. My educated, logical brain finally chimed in to remind me, that no, mid 30’s isn’t old, and the real culprit here is not merely my biological age, it’s more my lack of intense, cardio based weight training.

You see, we all produce something called Human Growth Hormone.

And women actually produce more of it than men. But, starting at around 30 years old, (yes, this is actually true… ) we start to produce less and less of it. This may suck just a little, as HGH is in part responsible for fighting tissue breakdown (aging,) and improving metabolic function (burning fat.) Not to mention HGH, along with estrogen has clear positive effects on hair growth, skin renewal, and nail strengthening.

So how can we keep our HGH levels from dropping then?! Is it even possible?!

GOOD NEWS! It is. *whew!

This is where the lifting weights comes in.

Basically it’s a must. An article published from research done by the American Physiological Society has shown that “women need to have heavy loading cycles or workouts in their resistance training routines, as it helps to build muscle and bone,” (due to the increase of HGH production.)

Read the article here!


This is great news! It won’t cost you thousands of dollar in injections to keep that skin glowing, that hair flowing, and that CAKE growing!

All you need to do is hit the gym, grab some weights and have some fun!

Here are a few tips to follow to maximize your HGH growth potential while in the gym:

  • Intense workouts create the highest HGH production when they last longer than 10 minutes and push you past your lactate threshold.
  • Women specifically will benefit from higher HGH production when taking less rest and doing more work in a set amount of time.
  • Adding weights to a HIIT session will increase the “workload,” therefore increasing HGH production.

And if you’re not vegan, and have no issues with whey products, you can further maximize your HGH production by consuming some sort of a whey protein source post-workout.

But wait! There’s more! This may be a good time to consider intermittent fasting, as it greatly increases HGH production, even way beyond what you can do in the gym!

So…start implementing what we’ve discussed here, and you can say goodbye to that lovely bra fat!!!




xo KatieCakes





So that beach/pool/music festival vacation is fast approaching, but thanks to life, your master “get right” plan hasn’t quite kicked off yet.
Four months has turned into less than two weeks… and those high cut one pieces, see thru tings and the shortest short-shorts are staring at you from the closest like …. “GIRL! GURRRLL?!?!”
(Ok, this might just be my current situation.)

So what’s the plan then?!?
Good news: it’s not too late.
A lot can happen in less than 2 weeks.

I won’t lie. This is gonna take some dedication.
It’s time to get real. Boss up on your life and get disciplined for the next 11 days.
Keep your goal in mind.
Keep it simple.
And put in the work.

We want to live our best lives!
Not two years from now. Not on our next vacation. This one. This one right here.
Let’s do this.

Below you’ll find a daily schedule /guide that you’ll want to stick to for every single day of the next 11 days, (or however far out your big trip/event is planned.) This is meant to be specific and simple, no frills.

But stick with it and you’ll look and feel lighter and healthier by the end of it.

Although it’s a totally healthy and fine way to structure yours days in regards to working out and eating, it may not be something you’d want to stick to for longer than 2-4 weeks at a time.
Remember, just set yourself up to move through this, one day at a time.
And rather than thinking of this as something you “have” to do, full of restrictions and negativity; think of it as something you’re excited to do, because you’re going to get to re-set your body to a healthier, more natural and “clutter-free” state. Plus, you get to see what your body is really capable of!


So change your mindset on the whole process, and have fun with this!

You have a goal. And this is the path to get there. You just have to execute it.
This isn’t your normal. This is you on a plan. This is you disciplined.
This is you knowing that this last little push will be worth it!

Here we go!



10-20 min run in the morning
*If possible, first thing in the morning. This can literally be 15 min before the rest of your household gets up. Or if on a tight work schedule, just get disciplined and wake your cakes up 20 min earlier to get this in. We’re talking “sleep in your running clothes with your sneakers beside your bed” kind of discipline. Don’t worry about coffee yet. Don’t worry about getting to a gym. Just wake up and go. And if wether doesn’t permit you to run outside, find a small space and do this:

HIIT “Cake For Breakfast” Workout:
10 burpees
20 sec mountain climbers
20 sec forearm alternating planks (start in a side plank on one side, and then keep switching sides for the time.)
10 back extensions
Rest 30 sec
Repeat for as many rounds as you can in 15 min *feel free to increase time if desired

*I drink a form of “Bulletproof Coffee,” using organic, fair-trade, high quality coffee with coconut oil.
The added good fats from the coconut oil helps fuel your fat burning processes. And it doesn’t cause the coffee-crash that most coffee will. Plus, you get to enjoy a latté like drink, without all the added sugars and creamers.

Find MARLEY COFFEE ‘Lively Up’ here!

*If you/re not a coffee drinker, no worries. Try this with your favorite tea. But if neither are your jam, all good. Just hydrate post workout, and go about your day.



12-1pm SHAKE or MEAL
Shake or veggie/greens Lunch
*I make the protein shake shown below. If the coconut oil of the bulletproof coffee is the only added good fats I’ve had that day, then I like adding an avocado to this shake. Otherwise I keep it simple, and even take out the banana to keep it even more simple.
You can choose to have your one greens and veggie meal here, or after your second workout of the day for “dinner.” It doesn’t matter when you eat, but just choose between the shake or salad/veggie meal for one of your meals per day.
And because we want to really cut out all sugars in this 11 days, be aware of the kinds of dressings/sauces you’re using. TIP: Don’t use any sauces or dressings that have more than 4g of sugar per serving, and don’t use more than one serving per sitting.

Daily Protein Shake (2x/day)

 2 Scoops VeganSmart® Protein Powder

(or protein powder of your choice)

1/2 banana

1/2 avocado

1tsp chia seeds

8oz water 



*You can alternate between the three workouts given below.
Or you can do the same one for all 11 days. Whatever you do, just don’t skip this. This has to be a daily thing. Just like your morning run/workout.
Be prepared to go through a lot of sports bras and leggings!




*These workouts were some of the first posted to the BAKESHOP® YouTube channel! (Don’t mind the “at-home” quality of the vidoes… the fact that my head is out of frame in one of them… No big deal! haha!) Regardless, they’re incredibly effective, and some of my favorites! They can easily be done in a small space at home, and all you need is a band, a medium to heavy dumbbell, and a medium kettlebell. *The kettlebell is optional. You can use a heavy dumbbell in place of it.

And if you’re looking for the right band, you can purchase your

BAKESHOP® CAKEBAKER Booty Band here! This one was specifically designed to work for both medium to heavy resistances.





(or your one greens and veggie meal for the day)
*Remember, keep it simple. If you’ve already had the “fun” shake, then just protein powder and water is all you’ll need here.

7-8pm SHAKE or MEAL
Dinner- veggie -greens *or shake if already eaten

*Consider vegan for this time! Try not to eat too late in the evening.
You want to give your body a good 12-14 hour break before you eat again to re-set hormonally, and to tap into the fat burning processes at the cellular level.

The rest of the night:Tea … lots of Tea!

*Try this turmeric blend from Organifi®.

This has helped my late-night sweets cravings, which are a major waistline killer !





*This is so important! All of the results of the work we do towards our health and fitness goals during the day, takes effect while we sleep!
Not getting proper sleep will increase your cortisol levels, in effect preventing fat-loss! This is no good.
So make sure to get your beauty rest!

Hydrate!!!! It’s helpful to drinkwater (PH balanced if possible)

throughout the day.

This will help the fat oxidation process at the

cellular level, speeding up your over-all fat loss.

Goal: 8-8oz glasses per day


It’s easy on such a disciplined and simple diet to end up not getting enough nutrients. Taking a one-a-day multivitamin during this time will help insure you’re still getting all of your nutrients!


…and an extra little boost!

I put together this natural fat-burning concoction a couple years ago, and it’s been a game-changer for me when I’m wanting to trim down a little extra during short spurts like this.

It’s fine to continue use for as long as you’d like, but I find that just using it during a specific goal-oriented time as this helps keep me on track with everything else.

The combination of the A-L-Carnitine and AlphaLipoic Acid and the Green Tea Fat Metabolizer taken about 10minutes before eating, helps increase your metabolism, burning fat at a higher rate throughout the day!

*Plus, making yourself take these with a glass of water before eating helps get you to your daily water intake goals!


You now have all the tools you need to make that one last big push for that snatched waist and poppin’ cakes before you head out to all the fun and adventures ahead! Go on and live your best life! Take all the pics! This work you’re about to put in will leave you feeling accomplished, healthy, and all kinds of glowing!

And be sure to share with the BAKESHOP® all of your post ‘GET CAKED’ vacation photos! We’re in this together! You might be just the inspiration that the next woman needs!

Use the #GetCAKED hashtag and post to social media. And be sure to tag us as well!  @KatieCakesBakeShop  


xo KatieCAKES



*Always consult a physician before starting an exercise and or nutrition program. The BAKESHOP® and any associated persons are not responsible for any injuries and or illness resulting from the participation in this program. You are agreeing that you are participating at your own risk, and all results are relative to the unique participant.





the BAKESHOP® Woman

theBAKESHOP® Woman

In the current time, when women’s empowerment is forging ahead with a voice louder than ever before, it is almost a given that a “fitness” brand, which unapologetically celebrates one of the most sexualized assets of the female body, is at major risk of falling on the wrong side of history. And trust me, as the founder of this brand, the fine line between women’s empowerment and female degradation is not lost on me.
This has always been a factor in the forefront of every post, message and product we deliver. Because of this fine line and the very specific climate right now, it is more important than ever to show just who the BAKESHOP® woman is.

 “Our perceived greatest weakness may actually be our greatest asset.”

– Katie ‘CAKES’ Wildhagen

The woman of today, fueled by the #metoo movement, may feel that even the slightest sexualization of herself and her sisters, is unacceptable and therefore has no place. But at the BAKESHOP®, a place where we celebrate the woman Mind, Booty, and Soul, sexualization is our choice. It is more important than ever to uphold everything that is beautiful and sacred about being female. And for some of us, that’s rejoicing in our sexuality. At the very heart of the women’s movement is the right to be our own voice, to be treated as equals, and never be treated less-than. And by no means, should a female be subjected to certain behaviors because she chooses to celebrate herself, in all aspects.

The BAKESHOP™ woman is one that strives to be her best self, inside and out. She’s one that knows the importance of emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. She understands that of course there is more to what makes her special than just her cakes, but she doesn’t deny that feeling good and looking sexy is important to her as well.
The BAKESHOP® woman lives to grow and continues to evolve. And she understands that in uplifting other women, she uplifts herself.

The BAKESHOP® woman isn’t perfect. She allows herself the room to get it wrong, so she has the opportunity to get it right. She has days where her confidence soars, and she has days where it falters. But she forgives herself for her “weaker” moments, as she knows she’ll come through them stronger than before.

The BAKESHOP® woman knows there is beauty in the balance of soft and strong, (in cakes and character!) She knows that intelligence is sexy. And she values her spiritual growth like she values her booty growth. She’s forever improving!
She doesn’t take herself or others too seriously. But she couldn’t be more serious about what she’s convicted in. She fights for her rights, and knows that when she uplifts others she’s uplifting herself.

The BAKESHOP® woman doesn’t really fit a mold. She’s continually reshaping and up-leveling. She earns her growth at each level, only staying long enough to appreciate where she’s been and respect where she’s going.

And funny enough, she thinks that once accepted old adage of “A woman’s place is in the kitchen,” is cute! Because you’ll definitely find her in the “kitchen” …. BAKING THOSE CAKES!



“Making the World Sweeter, One Booty at a Time!”




How it can make you more attractive, and possibly help that booty sit higher!

Mind.Booty.Soul…. the foundational layers of the BAKESHOP.

As cute and fun as it is… there’s a reason why we promote working on all three aspects of SELF. It’s like a perfect triangle. Each side holds the other up, one flowing into the other. They’re intertwined and connected. Each aspect alone is ok, and totally necessary. But when combined the result is an incredibly unique, beautiful, and unstoppable self that shines from the inside out!

So here at the BAKESHOP we talk a lot about that  middle aspect, the BOOTY. But let’s take a moment to talk on a subject that actually gets into both the MIND and SOUL layers of this cake.


I first heard about meditating years ago. It was when I moved to California that I started hearing more about it as a “normal” thing. Up until that point, the only thing I knew about it was that you had to be quiet, you weren’t supposed to think, you had to sit in that weird posture with one foot crossed over the other, and you were supposed to hold your hands and fingers in a certain way.

All this seemed so extra to me. Safe to say, it was awhile before I began to put a mediation practice into my daily routine.

As I continued on my path of self-growth…. and long after I tattooed “EVOLVING” on my neck… I started to find my own way to meditation. Step by step I was led to it in a way I could comprehend and not feel too “weird” about. I’m sure my path into, and understanding of meditation is a bit casual and less technical than what it “should” be maybe. And I’m sure some very hardcore spiritual practitioners would gasp at what I’m about to say here… but, I realized that as all of the specifics and “rules” to meditation are helpful and probably make it a lot easier, all of that is not totally necessary. All that is necessary is dedication to consistency and the patience to be able to keep coming back so that you can find your way to mental stillness. Because in that stillness is where the magic happens. (We’ll get back to all the amazing benefits of a meditation practice here in a moment!)

Once I started my own meditation practice though, thanks to a few resources that I’ll list later, I came to realize that I had actually been “meditating” all of my life. I just wasn’t calling it that, and I wasn’t doing it in the traditional sense.

I’m a big time daydreamer. And always have been. I’d be sitting in class, physically there but mentally off in some place I’d created in my mind. And most of it was me visualizing my future. I’d come up with different life experiences and situations that I wanted to actually live. I’d create a story in my mind, and live in there.. and I’d continue to come back to it day to day.  These day dreams literally made up my future. And I still do it!

But now, I realize that visualizing, or “daydreaming,” is actually a form of meditation. And that I’ve been meditating all along!

So, if you find yourself off daydreaming often, than congrats! You’re already meditating! Yay!

Ok, but I want to talk beyond visualization. I want to talk about how all the answers we’re ever going to need are already within us, and the way to get to those answers quicker and hear them more clearly is through meditation.

So I don’t know if you agree, but life can be a real bitch. And trying to figure out how to act, what to do, who to talk to, what to say, where to go, and how to live… all of it. It can get real messy, and really complicated.

But it doesn’t have to be.

When we meditate we get to the inner most piece of our SELF, where the truest, most authentic piece of us lives. This SELF has all the answers. This SELF is the one that knows the right way to go. It’s the SELF that knows who to talk to, and what to say. This SELF, if heard, will lead you to YOUR best life!

But in our crazy lives, with the countless distractions thrown our way on a daily basis, that authentic SELF, the one that truly has ALL of the answers, it gets drowned out.

And at that point.. man… good luck trying to get to it then. It’s a lost cause.

You’re just left to fend for yourself, trying to keep your head above the water, with all kinds of things trying to pull you under.

Meditating is like your rescue boat in that moment. Something for you to hold onto, get into, and get away from all the drama and distractions.

When we meditate answers come through loud and clear. Our path is lit up. We miraculously know what our next step should be, we know what to do and how to do it.

Seriously. Try it. Next time you find yourself troubled about a situation, whether it be within a relationship or worked related… take about 10 min aside and meditate. Then come back to the unsettling situation and see how you react to it then.

It’s in this way that meditating can make you more attractive! Because think about it, how attractive is the person who’s flying off the handle over some little issue? Or the person who jumps to all kinds of conclusions, blaming and pointing fingers?! The friend who gets jealous over other friendships.. The co-worker that’s always complaining, but does nothing toward a solution…Or the girlfriend that’s accusing her man of all kinds of shady shit because she’s got some insecurities around relationships and trust…?!

I mean the list could go on of all the unattractive ways we carry ourselves when we’re not stopping to check in.

You feel me?!

So, this is why I speak about meditation as such a key aspect in the pursuit of becoming or best and most beautiful selves. It’s through meditative practices that we can truly find our beauty within, and always lead with that.

It’s pretty incredible having a spiritual practice in place. I know for a lot of us, we grew up practicing some kind of religion. And through prayer, you get to your most authentic SELF as well. But if you’re like me, I wasn’t digging my religion when I was younger. So I sought out other paths to find my spiritual practice.

My first understanding of this came when I read the book, “The Seat of the Soul,” by Gary Zukav. You can find this on Amazon, or any other major bookstore. 

This was my first introduction into understanding what my truest, most authentic SELF was, and how to access it.

Another great book, that I’ve read more recently, and am re-reading it for the third time is “The Untethered Soul,” by Michael A. Singer. Click here to find this one! 

Both of these books were transformational for me. They were easy to understand and comprehend, and at the time weren’t to mystical or “weird” for me to grasp.

After reading these books I slowly began to get why meditating would be beneficial. But I still had no understanding of how it was supposed to work or how to do it right.

Countless unsuccessful attempts at sitting in silence passed before I found something that worked! You see, my brain can run a mile a min, and jump from a few hundred different thoughts seemingly in seconds! Sitting quietly wasn’t really my jam.

But when I came across this app called “Headspace,” I was totally changed! This dude’s voice was easy to listen to and get lost in. And again, it wasn’t some “weird” thing that I couldn’t get my head around. This guy has a nice british accent, is very chill and relaxed… and just easy. So, I signed up for the full app and started in on my first 30 days of meditation! You’ll want to look them up and download the app!

I haven’t looked back since!

From there I went on to use resources like the meditations from Oprah and Deepak Chopra. Go to the website at to find those. 

I also follow the daily meditations in the book from “A Course in Miracles.” You can look up the book by searching that title.

And now I actually go to meditation classes here in Los Angeles. (Yes, I really do. Lol)
My favorite spot is called UNPLUG here in Santa Monica, CA. You can find them online at

And my other go-to spot for some really dope yoga, lectures, and meditation is called Tantris Yoga, located in Beverly Hills. You can look them up online here!  (And your first class is free when you sign-up online!)

You see, you don’t have to do this alone. We now live in a time where booty’s AND meditation are popular! Yay! Lol

So, find what works for you, and get started! Your most authentic, most evolved SELF is already thanking you! (You just can’t hear it yet!)

Ohhhh!!! Wait!!!! You wanna know how meditating might actually help you lift that booty, right?!?!

VISUALIZATION! Visualization my friend!

Visualize that booty growing bigger and juicier, and sitting higher and higher!



~Katie Cakes

What Keeps Us Coming Back…

The Real Reason We WorkoutIMG_1341

So why do we workout? What is it that keeps us coming back? Is it really just about the booty? Or, is there more to it? Something more that we tap into when the initial fun of exercise has worn off?

I know for me, as much as I love baking these cakes, the real draw for me is what it does for my emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Working out, that physical movement of energy in the body, carries so many psychological and emotional benefits.

Physical movement, of all kinds, has this same effect.

Think about the last time you ran down the street after your kids, or went out dancing all night, or even that feeling of bliss during that impromptu morning dance party in the kitchen! Or… well you know…when you’re sharing that cake with your lover. (Yes, that counts!)

So think about that…we’re meant to move. Our bodies are meant to move and be physical! They’re meant to run, jump, and play! To laugh, dance and groove! We all have our own innate ways we naturally want to move. Some of us gravitate to rhythm, like dancing. Some of us gravitate to the flow, like yoga. Some of us gravitate to agility and quickness, within sports like soccer and basketball. And some of us gravitate to power movements, like the explosiveness in sprinting, or in movement patterns in the gym during our workouts.

It’s really all about what we gravitate to, and what we enjoy.

I know that I’ve always gravitated to explosive movement. The wind up and power explosion through the hips while hitting a softball, that’s what I grew up doing. So naturally, when I stopped playing sports, I gravitated to force driven movements like deadlfits and kettle bell swings. Theres’ something very visceral about loading energy through the largest muscle in the body, (the CAKES!) and then driving that energy through the hips to release it. It’s very powerful. After a workout like that, I feel like I can go accomplish anything!

There’s two sides to my love of this type of movement for exercise:

One, power driven movements recruit a lot of muscles fibers. That explosive use of energy in the fibers creates micro tears in the muscle, that when they repair, they repair stronger and tighter. This, spread out over the full muscle, creates a nice high and tight booty! Yup! That explosive power is what lifts and shapes those cakes!

But then, what’s even more exciting about this type of explosive movement, is what it can do for the psyche. Have you ever just wanted to PUNCH something when you’re upset or angry?! Yes! That’s your body wanting to physically release emotional and mental energy. It’s an actual physical outlet for that distress. That’s what our body does.

So for me, through my formative years in college and just after, when I was trying to create a life as an adult, I consistently took to the gym let out some of that frustration and confusion. It was my life saver. Whenever I didn’t have the answer for life at the moment, and I would start beating myself up for not doing more or doing better, I would get to the gym to work that out.

THIS is why we really workout. This is the feeling that keeps us coming back. The benefits beyond the physical is what really taps into our want and need to workout.

So this is what I fall back on when I just mentally don’t want to workout, or when I know I’m dragging physically. I find that thing that I can tap into, that goes beyond the physical. I’ll get on the treadmill and run, with my favorite music on, getting into the beat and the flow of that song. Or I’ll grab a kettle bell and let all my frustrations and anxiety go through swings. Or I’ll get on the rower, close my eyes, and use that rhythm, to get into a visualization about whatever it is that I’m wanting to accomplish in life.

This is how I’ve kept going with my workouts when I’ve just wanted to walk away from it altogether. This is what has kept me interested in my physical well-being, when I could care less in the moment about my physical appearance. I’ve tapped into the thing beyond the physical. I’ve dug down deep into the mental and emotional benefits of exercise and movement. And that’s how I’ve kept it a consistent part of my life over the past 15 years.

Just like anything else, for a lot of us at least, there has to be some other incentive for us to continue something when that initial excitement wears off.

So, when baking the cakes has lost its luster, remember the greater benefits. Remember the high that movement gives you. Remember that powerful feeling of accomplishment. Remember how you feel when you finish a workout… like you can take on the world! Remember how strong you feel moving that weight and pushing that energy through your body.

Take note of those feelings. Those are what will keep you after your goals.

And just remember, we’re all individuals. Find that type of movement that you love. The movement that no matter what, puts a smile on your face and lights you up from within. So when you’ve found yourself in an exercise rut, THAT’S the movement you go back to.That’s your “happy workout” place. Go there first. Get your mental state back on track, start feeling that euphoria of movement again…. and that will get you where you need to go!

Happy Baking!


Katie Cakes

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