Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure March 23, 2017Leave a comment


This life is exactly what we make of it. Each day, each new morning, each MOMENT we have CHOICE.
Where we go, what we’ll do, who we’ll BE and become…. it’s all our choice.
What will you make of this life? What legacy will you leave? How will you be remembered? How will you impact others?

Sometimes we think that to make changes in our life we have to make big leaping changes. A grande gesture to our goals and dreams… a complete shift from the life we’re living now to the one we want to live.

But changing doesn’t take magic or luck. It takes ONE STEP AT A TIME.
You’ve heard it over and over by now… “You make changes by taking small, consistent steps everyday in the direction of your goal.”

So, if we’re going to make a change, first thing me must know is WHAT CHANGE WE WANT TO MAKE.
You’ve got to know where you’re going to get there. Then, you work backwards from there.
To get to that bigger goal, what are the small steps you need to take. Break it down by month, by week, by day. So that each day you’re doing something that will lead you in that direction. Then just trust the process and the actions you’re taking. You will make that change. You will reach that goal.

This is what is so juicy about life. Each and everyday you can decide to make a change. Whether it be a small change like deciding you’re going to smile at the people you pass on the street that day. Or a big change, like deciding you’re going to take action to change your career path. It’s all up to you.
And in every instant you have the choice to do better, do more, BE more! If you’ve found yourself losing the zest for life, well… it’s up to you to spark it right back up! Set a goal, and go for it! Start working those “goal crushing” muscles! There’s no better way to show yourself you can do it, than by actually DOING IT!
You can’t wait around for someone else to come in and change your life. It’s all up to you. When you identify the change you want to make, and start taking ACTION in that direction, THEN people come into your path to help you along! You’re doing the work, you’ve started the momentum, and then you’ll find that the people you need to know, to work with and collaborate with are perfectly placed in front of you exactly when you need them.

We all have one super power, (yes, other than our CAKES!) We all have the ability to choose. CHOICE is our super power! You don’t like something? Change it. You want to do something different with your life? Change it. You don’t like what you wake up to every morning? Change it.
But you’re thinking “what about those things, people, places, whatever … that I can’t change?” Then change your MINDSET. That’s your super power. You can change the way you see something! The magic is in perspective. You’ve got to change your perspective.

The ability to choose our own adventure in every second, every minute of every day is an incredibly cool thing! DO NOT WASTE THIS ABILITY! Test it out. Play with it! Next time you’re headed to Starbucks for your “usual”, and you walk past that smaller, less commercial coffee shop, that looks really quaint, but whose coffee you’re kinda confused by because it’s “pour over” and it takes so long to make one cup…. in that moment, just say “eff it!” and stop in there instead! See what all the hype is about. Check it out. Change your routine. Or… why not reach out to that person who you’ve been wanting to ask to mentor you?! What’re you waiting for?! Seriously…. you can do that! It’s your choice.
Use your “choice” muscle.
It’s incredibly satisfying and is sure to send you on an adventure!




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