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How it can make you more attractive, and possibly help that booty sit higher!

Mind.Booty.Soul…. the foundational layers of the BAKESHOP.

As cute and fun as it is… there’s a reason why we promote working on all three aspects of SELF. It’s like a perfect triangle. Each side holds the other up, one flowing into the other. They’re intertwined and connected. Each aspect alone is ok, and totally necessary. But when combined the result is an incredibly unique, beautiful, and unstoppable self that shines from the inside out!

So here at the BAKESHOP we talk a lot about that  middle aspect, the BOOTY. But let’s take a moment to talk on a subject that actually gets into both the MIND and SOUL layers of this cake.


I first heard about meditating years ago. It was when I moved to California that I started hearing more about it as a “normal” thing. Up until that point, the only thing I knew about it was that you had to be quiet, you weren’t supposed to think, you had to sit in that weird posture with one foot crossed over the other, and you were supposed to hold your hands and fingers in a certain way.

All this seemed so extra to me. Safe to say, it was awhile before I began to put a mediation practice into my daily routine.

As I continued on my path of self-growth…. and long after I tattooed “EVOLVING” on my neck… I started to find my own way to meditation. Step by step I was led to it in a way I could comprehend and not feel too “weird” about. I’m sure my path into, and understanding of meditation is a bit casual and less technical than what it “should” be maybe. And I’m sure some very hardcore spiritual practitioners would gasp at what I’m about to say here… but, I realized that as all of the specifics and “rules” to meditation are helpful and probably make it a lot easier, all of that is not totally necessary. All that is necessary is dedication to consistency and the patience to be able to keep coming back so that you can find your way to mental stillness. Because in that stillness is where the magic happens. (We’ll get back to all the amazing benefits of a meditation practice here in a moment!)

Once I started my own meditation practice though, thanks to a few resources that I’ll list later, I came to realize that I had actually been “meditating” all of my life. I just wasn’t calling it that, and I wasn’t doing it in the traditional sense.

I’m a big time daydreamer. And always have been. I’d be sitting in class, physically there but mentally off in some place I’d created in my mind. And most of it was me visualizing my future. I’d come up with different life experiences and situations that I wanted to actually live. I’d create a story in my mind, and live in there.. and I’d continue to come back to it day to day.  These day dreams literally made up my future. And I still do it!

But now, I realize that visualizing, or “daydreaming,” is actually a form of meditation. And that I’ve been meditating all along!

So, if you find yourself off daydreaming often, than congrats! You’re already meditating! Yay!

Ok, but I want to talk beyond visualization. I want to talk about how all the answers we’re ever going to need are already within us, and the way to get to those answers quicker and hear them more clearly is through meditation.

So I don’t know if you agree, but life can be a real bitch. And trying to figure out how to act, what to do, who to talk to, what to say, where to go, and how to live… all of it. It can get real messy, and really complicated.

But it doesn’t have to be.

When we meditate we get to the inner most piece of our SELF, where the truest, most authentic piece of us lives. This SELF has all the answers. This SELF is the one that knows the right way to go. It’s the SELF that knows who to talk to, and what to say. This SELF, if heard, will lead you to YOUR best life!

But in our crazy lives, with the countless distractions thrown our way on a daily basis, that authentic SELF, the one that truly has ALL of the answers, it gets drowned out.

And at that point.. man… good luck trying to get to it then. It’s a lost cause.

You’re just left to fend for yourself, trying to keep your head above the water, with all kinds of things trying to pull you under.

Meditating is like your rescue boat in that moment. Something for you to hold onto, get into, and get away from all the drama and distractions.

When we meditate answers come through loud and clear. Our path is lit up. We miraculously know what our next step should be, we know what to do and how to do it.

Seriously. Try it. Next time you find yourself troubled about a situation, whether it be within a relationship or worked related… take about 10 min aside and meditate. Then come back to the unsettling situation and see how you react to it then.

It’s in this way that meditating can make you more attractive! Because think about it, how attractive is the person who’s flying off the handle over some little issue? Or the person who jumps to all kinds of conclusions, blaming and pointing fingers?! The friend who gets jealous over other friendships.. The co-worker that’s always complaining, but does nothing toward a solution…Or the girlfriend that’s accusing her man of all kinds of shady shit because she’s got some insecurities around relationships and trust…?!

I mean the list could go on of all the unattractive ways we carry ourselves when we’re not stopping to check in.

You feel me?!

So, this is why I speak about meditation as such a key aspect in the pursuit of becoming or best and most beautiful selves. It’s through meditative practices that we can truly find our beauty within, and always lead with that.

It’s pretty incredible having a spiritual practice in place. I know for a lot of us, we grew up practicing some kind of religion. And through prayer, you get to your most authentic SELF as well. But if you’re like me, I wasn’t digging my religion when I was younger. So I sought out other paths to find my spiritual practice.

My first understanding of this came when I read the book, “The Seat of the Soul,” by Gary Zukav. You can find this on Amazon, or any other major bookstore. 

This was my first introduction into understanding what my truest, most authentic SELF was, and how to access it.

Another great book, that I’ve read more recently, and am re-reading it for the third time is “The Untethered Soul,” by Michael A. Singer. Click here to find this one! 

Both of these books were transformational for me. They were easy to understand and comprehend, and at the time weren’t to mystical or “weird” for me to grasp.

After reading these books I slowly began to get why meditating would be beneficial. But I still had no understanding of how it was supposed to work or how to do it right.

Countless unsuccessful attempts at sitting in silence passed before I found something that worked! You see, my brain can run a mile a min, and jump from a few hundred different thoughts seemingly in seconds! Sitting quietly wasn’t really my jam.

But when I came across this app called “Headspace,” I was totally changed! This dude’s voice was easy to listen to and get lost in. And again, it wasn’t some “weird” thing that I couldn’t get my head around. This guy has a nice british accent, is very chill and relaxed… and just easy. So, I signed up for the full app and started in on my first 30 days of meditation! You’ll want to look them up and download the app!

I haven’t looked back since!

From there I went on to use resources like the meditations from Oprah and Deepak Chopra. Go to the website at to find those. 

I also follow the daily meditations in the book from “A Course in Miracles.” You can look up the book by searching that title.

And now I actually go to meditation classes here in Los Angeles. (Yes, I really do. Lol)
My favorite spot is called UNPLUG here in Santa Monica, CA. You can find them online at . 

And my other go-to spot for some really dope yoga, lectures, and meditation is called Tantris Yoga, located in Beverly Hills. You can look them up online here!  (And your first class is free when you sign-up online!)

You see, you don’t have to do this alone. We now live in a time where booty’s AND meditation are popular! Yay! Lol

So, find what works for you, and get started! Your most authentic, most evolved SELF is already thanking you! (You just can’t hear it yet!)

Ohhhh!!! Wait!!!! You wanna know how meditating might actually help you lift that booty, right?!?!

VISUALIZATION! Visualization my friend!

Visualize that booty growing bigger and juicier, and sitting higher and higher!



~Katie Cakes

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