Everywhere we turn in the world we live in today, we are shown this idea that the physical is important. That the aesthetics are what matters. Beautiful people doing beautiful things, wearing beautiful clothes, living beautiful lives.

We see bodies, and boobs, legs, and asses. Everything is focused on the outside… what someone looks like. Everyone is trying to lose fat here, put fat there. Slim this down and round that out.

People are literally being sculpted to look a certain way. And people are paying lots of money to do this. Not only that, everyone is trying to keep up by trying the latest supplement, fad diet, or newest workout craze.

We have millions of people spending millions of dollars and countless hours just trying to attain a certain level of aesthetic beauty that has never been more encouraged than now.

So now you come across theBAKESHOP, and you’d guess that it’s just another thing about asses…how to get the perfect booty.

You’d think so, yes.

But it’s not. It’s so much more.

Visualize this with me…

There’s this beautiful, delicious looking CAKE sitting there on the table, with a knife, fork and plate next to it, just waiting for you to take a piece! 

You cut into it…. but something looks funny.

The filling seems to be a little rotten, and is giving off a funky smell. 

Against your better judgment you still take a bite. The cake LOOKED so good…So it has to taste good, right?! 

WRONG!! You spit that shit out!!! Terrible!!! 

You ask yourself in disgust how a cake that looked so decadent and beautiful, could be filled with such SHIT?!

Well ladies… this is what it’s like when you get all dressed up and fussed up, nails did, hair did, stilettos poppin, and that booty banging, with the Louis bag to match….But you’re rotten, like that piece of cake

You haven’t done the work, woman!

You set all your sites and energy on the material things. All those empty props to make you LOOK beautiful… 

But you’ve neglected yourself, you haven’t done that SOUL work… People will soon realize that that beauty runs only skin deep.

Now keep reading.. stay with me. We got you.

Admittedly, we’re obsessed with booty’s here at theBAKESHOP. But only because we know how good it feels to look back in that mirror and see a banging ass booty staring back! 

But we also know we have a responsibility to the women of the world to serve up the message of self-worth, self-value, confidence and grace…along with all that booty.

We’d be doing a disservice to help create such beauty without backing it up with substance.

To be a woman of substance and grace is a goal we all should aspire to. And we should know that this is not mutually exclusive to being a woman who also wants to look and feel her sexiest.

The strong beautiful woman neither denies herself her femininity and all that comes along with being uniquely woman; nor does she flaunt it flippantly and without respect for herself and the female collective.

Working toward your most beautiful aesthetic is healthy and encouraged when you know that your value, worth, and happiness are not attached to it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the idea that if we just had the perfect body, the perfect look, then we’d be happy.

Happiness is not waiting for you at the end of that road to weight-loss.

And happiness is not there finally when you’ve gotten rid of that cellulite.

Happiness isn’t there when you have bigger boobs, thinner thighs or a bigger butt.

Happiness is nowhere to be found in these places.

You know where it is.

Happiness is a choice you make from within. It’s there on that journey to finding yourself. It’s there waiting for you when you know your worth, and you live that truth.

That’s where happiness is.

So just as you put all that work into looking your best, you’ve got to put the work into BEING your best.

Countless hours in the gym, the hair salon, the designer boutiques…. these will not make up for the hours you need to spend working on yourself.

That SOUL work. Nothing takes that place.

It’s time we stop looking to external sources to make us happy. We must turn inward and cultivate our happiness there, and let it radiate from within.

People are universally attracted to those that radiate this peace and love. That energy attracts others, and we soon find ourselves happy, fulfilled, and enjoying every moment.

It’s in this space that we are free to then go forward and achieve all the goals and successes we have envisioned for ourselves.

When we know our worth, speak our truth, and live in our confidence, we then radiate boundless beauty.

This is the WOMAN we are helping to create at theBAKESHOP.
The woman who’s SOUL is just as amazing as that BOOTY!

Beautiful women. Beautiful souls.


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