the BAKESHOP® Woman

the BAKESHOP® Woman March 2, 2018Leave a comment

theBAKESHOP® Woman

In the current time, when women’s empowerment is forging ahead with a voice louder than ever before, it is almost a given that a “fitness” brand, which unapologetically celebrates one of the most sexualized assets of the female body, is at major risk of falling on the wrong side of history. And trust me, as the founder of this brand, the fine line between women’s empowerment and female degradation is not lost on me.
This has always been a factor in the forefront of every post, message and product we deliver. Because of this fine line and the very specific climate right now, it is more important than ever to show just who the BAKESHOP® woman is.

 “Our perceived greatest weakness may actually be our greatest asset.”

– Katie ‘CAKES’ Wildhagen

The woman of today, fueled by the #metoo movement, may feel that even the slightest sexualization of herself and her sisters, is unacceptable and therefore has no place. But at the BAKESHOP®, a place where we celebrate the woman Mind, Booty, and Soul, sexualization is our choice. It is more important than ever to uphold everything that is beautiful and sacred about being female. And for some of us, that’s rejoicing in our sexuality. At the very heart of the women’s movement is the right to be our own voice, to be treated as equals, and never be treated less-than. And by no means, should a female be subjected to certain behaviors because she chooses to celebrate herself, in all aspects.

The BAKESHOP™ woman is one that strives to be her best self, inside and out. She’s one that knows the importance of emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. She understands that of course there is more to what makes her special than just her cakes, but she doesn’t deny that feeling good and looking sexy is important to her as well.
The BAKESHOP® woman lives to grow and continues to evolve. And she understands that in uplifting other women, she uplifts herself.

The BAKESHOP® woman isn’t perfect. She allows herself the room to get it wrong, so she has the opportunity to get it right. She has days where her confidence soars, and she has days where it falters. But she forgives herself for her “weaker” moments, as she knows she’ll come through them stronger than before.

The BAKESHOP® woman knows there is beauty in the balance of soft and strong, (in cakes and character!) She knows that intelligence is sexy. And she values her spiritual growth like she values her booty growth. She’s forever improving!
She doesn’t take herself or others too seriously. But she couldn’t be more serious about what she’s convicted in. She fights for her rights, and knows that when she uplifts others she’s uplifting herself.

The BAKESHOP® woman doesn’t really fit a mold. She’s continually reshaping and up-leveling. She earns her growth at each level, only staying long enough to appreciate where she’s been and respect where she’s going.

And funny enough, she thinks that once accepted old adage of “A woman’s place is in the kitchen,” is cute! Because you’ll definitely find her in the “kitchen” …. BAKING THOSE CAKES!



“Making the World Sweeter, One Booty at a Time!”

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