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We’re all about that cake here at the BAKESHOP! Yes! The BOOTY! (Well, and cake.. we love cake.) We believe that every person has the ability to create the body and life they want by adding layers to it, rather than taking away from it! We focus on adding to your life.. adding muscle. adding confidence. adding self love. adding valued friendships… and adding all of the other wonderful things that life is made of, like cake!

At the BAKESHOP you’ll learn how to love every piece of yourself, inside and out! Follow the different fitness programs to build the body you love by burning fat and building muscle to create curves in all the right places… it’s the secret to having your CAKE and eat it too!

And because true beauty runs deep, here at theBAKESHOP we want to help you find and cultivate that beauty within! We love the saying “You cannot compare your inside to anyone else’s outside.” So at the BAKESHOP you’ll learn all things self-love and self-evolution, so that you can live your best life and always show up as the real, best you!

But cake is only as sweet as all the frosting and toppings! So take a look around for all things fashion, beauty, fun, fitness and everything else that makes life sweet!

Happy Baking!

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  • The Dish on Lifting Weights and HGH April 5, 2018- Mind.BOOTY.Soul LADIES: Lifting weights can keep you looking and feeling young! Yup. It’s true. So, I started thinking about this the other day when I was looking at the newfound “bra fat” below my armpit in the mirror while at the gym. I was just a few workouts back into actually lifting weights in an […]
  • 11 DAYS TO “GET CAKED” March 25, 2018- Mind.BOOTY.Soul     So that beach/pool/music festival vacation is fast approaching, but thanks to life, your master “get right” plan hasn’t quite kicked off yet. Four months has turned into less than two weeks… and those high cut one pieces, see thru tings and the shortest short-shorts are staring at you from the closest like […]
  • the BAKESHOP® Woman March 2, 2018- theBAKESHOP® Woman In the current time, when women’s empowerment is forging ahead with a voice louder than ever before, it is almost a given that a “fitness” brand, which unapologetically celebrates one of the most sexualized assets of the female body, is at major risk of falling on the wrong side of history. And trust […]
  • MEDITATE YOUR WAY TO YOUR BEST CAKES (and self!) EVER! May 11, 2017- MEDITATION How it can make you more attractive, and possibly help that booty sit higher! Mind.Booty.Soul…. the foundational layers of the BAKESHOP. As cute and fun as it is… there’s a reason why we promote working on all three aspects of SELF. It’s like a perfect triangle. Each side holds the other up, one flowing […]

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