14 Day GET CAKED at home workout



…. where we’re dedicated to lifting your booty, shifting your soul, and elevating your mind.

Take a look around! Here at the BAKESHOP® we have different programs, classes and “recipes” to help you bake those CAKES (the booty!) to perfection, and keep you motivated to stay feeling healthy and fit! We also have workshops and programs you can do at home that will help you develop the strong and beautiful SELF to go along with those CAKES! Check out all that we offer here and get involved with the BAKESHOP® community of like-minded women, looking to uplift and support one another in all of our endeavors and greatness!

CAKE POP Booty Class

….Everything you love about the BAKESHOP®, Mind.Booty.Soul, all in one room!

HOT and FRESH NOW! See what the BAKESHOP® has for you!

Fitness Programs
Access the latest BAKESHOP® tested exercises and programs to build your booty, slim your waistline and train more efficiently! Whether you’re looking to add some cake baking exercises to your current program, or wanting to start fresh and bake those cakes from the foundation up, the BAKESHOP® has a program for you!
Self Development
Compliment the bootywork with the self-development work that will give you the confidence and understanding of self-worth to help you become the most amazing version of yourself!
Group Classes
The CAKE POP Booty Class is the BAKESHOP®’s signature class that will BAKE your CAKES to perfection and leave you feeling energized and UPLIFTED! Using our “secret ingredient,” the CAKE BAKER booty band, we unapologetically focus on the posterior chain to get the results you’re looking for and really make those cakes POP! Called “the answer to yoga booty and cycling butt,” this class picks up where other group fitness classes leave off. Through 45min of work, you’ll sweat, move and bake those cakes to perfection! Mixing together a delicious recipe of specially curated music, a community of amazing women, and a lot of YOUR energy, this class will have you coming back for seconds! Plus! We end each and every class with a *sweet treat* meditation….. cause, NamaStayCAKED !
Personal Training
For a more personal training experience, let KatieCakes work with you virtually or in-person to pull all of these factors together in one specialized program tailored to your needs and goals



10 Layers of the UpliftedWoman™

Dive deeper into what it means to be an UpliftedWoman™ by examining yourself through the 10 layers of this program. Intensive self-reflection and real-time exercises will guide you into understanding where you can reach higher and do more to fully realize your potential as the woman you’ve always wanted to become! It’s all already within you! This program will help you tap into that infinite source of beauty and strength that awaits you.






Hear what others are saying about KatieCakes and the BAKESHOP® !


Jesse C
” These resistance-band based workouts will isolate each muscle group, and kick (and bake!) those cakes while doing it—the burn really will surprise you.  As a former fitness professional, I love how Katie keeps the class moving while still giving pointed cues and modifications for every fitness level. I also love that I can attend the class and try something new each week with the security of knowing that Katie won’t push me into a position or exercise that risks an injury. If you like to have fun while getting a killer workout, Katie’s class is for you! “

14Day GET CAKED Booty Challenge

Danielle P
” This program made it really easy to focus and just get down to business!! It was packed full of serious workouts that got me working towards visible results. Most importantly, I feel more confident in myself that I can achieve my fitness goals! “

Personal Training with KatieCakes

Marina L
” Katie has been a life changer for body, my mind, and my spirit.
I started working with her following the birth/ c section of my second child. She tailored my program to my ever changing needs constantly keeping my goals in mind. She helped my body heal and become stronger and more capable than before.
I recommend her to anyone looking to evolve. “

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