We’re all about that cake here at the BAKESHOP! Yes! The BOOTY! And yes…CAKE! We believe that every person has the ability to create the body and life they want by adding layers to it, rather than taking away from it! We focus on adding to your life.. adding muscle. adding confidence. adding self love. adding enriching food choices. adding valued friendships… and adding all of the other wonderful things that life is made of, like cake!

At the BAKESHOP you’ll learn how to love every piece of yourself, inside and out.  Follow the different fitness programs to create the body you want by burning fat and building muscle to create those curves in all the right places. And follow the nutrition tips to better understand how to transform your eating habits to support your fitness and health goals.. literally have your CAKE and eat it too!

And because beauty is NOT only skin deep, we here at the BAKESHOP want to help you find and cultivate the beauty within! We love the saying “You cannot compare your inside to anyone else’s outside.” So at the BAKESHOP you’ll learn all things self-love and self-evolution, so that you can live your best life and always know who the real, best you is!

But cake just isn’t as sweet without all the frosting and toppings, right?! So take a look around for all things fashion, beauty, fun, and everything else that makes a badass BAKESHOP BEAUTY!

Come bake your cakes! And don’t forget that cherry on top!