Consider yourself a part of the #CAKESQUAD when you’ve come and taken the BAKESHOP® exclusive CAKE POP Booty Class!

45 min of BAKING CAKES, moving to the music, and getting that booty to work harder than it ever has before!

Focusing solely on the CAKES, this class is nothing like you’ve experienced before! Using only the BAKESHOP® #CAKEBAKER booty bands, and all the energy you can find, you’ll walk out of class feeling like a new you, with some freshly baked cakes!

And because it wouldn’t be the BAKESHOP® without a little #MindBootySoul, you’ll finish class with a sweet treat that will leave you ready to accomplish all your goals and be the woman you know you can be!

You’ll sweat, you’ll laugh, and you’ll come together under one common goal: CAKES FOR EVERYONE!


Saturdays – 11 am

Chloé and Maud Pop Up Studios
6009 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036


Celebrating another joyous year around the sun?!
Well what’s a birthday without the CAKE?!

Bring the CAKE POP Booty Class to you, or rent out the class to celebrate!

– Birthday themed class and your choice in music
– Cupcake or Cake to share for a post class celebration
– Special Birthday focused meditation

Contact for info!

CAKE POP *UP* classes and Events!

Check back to see when we’re bringing the CAKE to a city near you!