Katie ‘Cakes’ Wildhagen

Founder of theBAKESHOP® (KatieCakesBAKESHOP®)

Lift the booty. Shift the soul. Elevate the mind. KatieCakes is a woman on a mission. She’s determined to make this world a little sweeter, one booty at a time! 

From a young age Katie found the importance of moving the body, staying fit, and keeping a healthy mind. She found herself with her own gym membership as soon as she could drive, and with that began to assert her independence and find her “voice” through working out. She found an unending source of motivation and drive within her workouts. And each time she stepped out of the gym she had the confidence and passion to conquer and achieve anything she set her mind to.

Katie identified herself through the sports she played in high school and the time spent in the gym. But just as she was about to graduate high school and embark on the next journey in her life, her heart stopped while sitting in church one morning. This brought to her awareness a heart condition that would take her out of sports and was supposed to keep her out of the gym. But once she’d gotten her first pacemaker/defibrillator implanted she got right back in the gym and learned how to train with the help of the cardiac device. From that challenge came triumph when Katie realized her true calling was in helping others find their own confidence and motivation in the gym. Since then she’s dedicated her life to helping others take that feeling of passion and drive from the gym into their everyday life so that they can conquer and achieve anything they set their mind to.

With that drive pulling her to reach further, Katie eventually made the move in 2009 from Omaha, NE to Los Angeles, CA where she would rise to the ranks as a Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox, one of the world’s leading fitness facilities. After 7 years of experience there, Katie is now leaping into her next calling of helping women (and men!) create the curves they want through training, yet also developing their mind and soul so they can match the beauty of who they are on the inside to the beauty they’re creating on the outside.

With this endeavor to develop beautiful people inside and out, Katie has found the mission that lights her up and continues to drive her everyday.