“If nothing else, invest in yourself. YOU is something that no one else can BE or BUY. And a solid sense of SELF is the most valuable thing you can possess.”

– Katie ‘Cakes’ Wildhagen

It’s easy to look around and see all the things people buy to enhance their “worth” or “value.”

Beautiful cars, handbags, clothes, shoes, other people… houses, electronics, cosmetic enhancements…

We see the lengths people to go to to be “aesthetically pleasing” to others. The amount of money and resources, time and energy spent on hair and makeup, and even extensive time spent working out, to look a certain way.

All of this to show out a certain way to others.

There is nothing wrong with all of this “stuff.” Things and stuff can certainly add to an experience of joy in life. And obviously, spending time taking care of your physical health and fitness is wonderful, when done in a positive manner.

It’s when we look to these things to “short-cut” us to a more brilliant and beautiful life, depending on them to create happiness and joy within us, that we run into a problem.

Unless happiness, confidence, joy, strength, and love are within us already, none of these “things” of life will make up for the “soul stuff” that isn’t there.

Where’s the CAKE?!

Icing is delicious! But too much of that good thing can make you sick. Not to mention, bored. All that icing with nothing to enjoy it with, can get old real quick.

Where’s the SUBSTANCE?

Here at the BAKESHOP®, we know that the icing is great and all, but we’re here to work on the CAKE! 

Mind.Booty. Soul.

You come to the BAKESHOP® for the #bootylifting, but you stay for the #soulshifting.

We do love the booty around here! We think the feeling that comes along with putting the work in to baking your cakes to their perfection, is like nothing else! And we believe in all of the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that come along with that work.

But we know it doesn’t stop there. We know that to become the women we want to be in this life, to hold the value and purpose we were divinely gifted with, we must cultivate the being and soul within us.

We must put some divine and delicious substance into that CAKE!

And when we do that, we are UNSTOPPABLE!

No thing of beauty in this world can hold up, if its foundation is shaky and unsettled.

And no woman of any outward beauty will hold up, if her inner beauty isn’t shining brighter.